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Celebrate major milestones onboard Rocky Mountaineer

A journey on the rails could be the perfect gift for a major celebration

Vancouver, BC. – (July 23, 2018) – Is someone you know celebrating a significant wedding anniversary thisyear? As tradition goes, the gift of choice for a 25th anniversary is silver, and for a 50th anniversary, it’s gold. A luxury train journey in SilverLeaf or GoldLeaf Service on Rocky Mountaineer could be the perfect way to celebrate these milestones.

Birthdays and anniversaries come and go every year, but significant milestones deserve incredible experiences. Research shows that investing in experiences leads to greater satisfaction and happiness than purchasing material goods, as noted in a study by Professor Thomas Gilovich of Cornell University.

“People often think spending money on an experience is not as wise an investment as spending it on a material possession,” Gilovich noted in an article on Cornell University’s research website. “They think the experience will come and go in a flash, and they’ll be left with little compared to owning an item. But in reality we remember experiences long afterward, while we soon become used to our possessions. At the same time, we also enjoy the anticipation of having an experience more than the anticipation of owning a possession.”

For people celebrating a major anniversary or other milestone this year, Rocky Mountaineer has more than 65 vacation packages to choose from. For couples looking to combine their luxury train journey with outdoor exploration, Journey through the Clouds Outdoor Adventures package could be the ultimate experience. This 11-day journey takes guests through picturesque landscapes, travelling through lush forests and winding river canyons surrounded by the peaks of the Canadian Rockies. Guests will have their fill of the great outdoors with activities such as guided hiking in Jasper, rafting on the Bow River in Banff, and canoeing on Lake Louise.

Giving a personalized experience rather than a material gift can foster stronger relationships, according to a study by Cindy Chan, a professor at the University of Toronto. Shared experiences evoke stronger emotions and connections than material gifts, and create lasting memories that become a core pillar of a relationship. For more information on booking ajourney on Rocky Mountaineer in 2018, visit or call 1-877-460-3200; or contact a travel agent.

About Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer is the world’s largest privately owned luxury tourist train and, since 1990, has welcomed more than two million guests to inhale the mountain air and let nature take their breath away. Guests can choose from over 65 vacation packages and four unique rail routes that travel through iconic destinations such as Seattle, WA, Vancouver, B.C., and the majestic Canadian Rockies in Alberta. The unparalleled experience on board the all domed fleet offers rich, historic storytelling, world-class cuisine and a first-hand look at the vast and untouched wild beauty of Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

In 2017, Rocky Mountaineer received the Private Business Growth Award from The Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Grant Thornton LLP in recognition of its growth, entrepreneurial spirit, culture and vision for the future. The company was named one of Canada’s Top Small and Medium Employers in the past three consecutive years.

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