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Tristan Armstrong named President of family investment company

Tristan Armstrong is named the new President of the Armstrong family’s investment company, effective June 1, 2021.

The Armstrong family’s investment company includes a portfolio of companies, which are collectively called the Armstrong Group. This includes the majority shares of the award-winning Rocky Mountaineer luxury train company; Invictus Properties, a real estate investment business; and Alder Bay Equity Partners, a private equity firm. The move is part of an established leadership transition plan for the family’s investment company.

“I look forward to stepping into this role and continuing the entrepreneurial work my father, Peter, began over 30 years ago. Our long-term commitment to uncover, develop and invest in innovative hospitality, real estate and other related projects will continue to deliver tangible, positive impacts in the communities where were live, work and operate,” said Tristan Armstrong.

Founder Peter Armstrong will continue in the role of Chief Executive Officer until his retirement in January 2023 to ensure a seamless transition of leadership. Following Peter Armstrong’s retirement, Tristan Armstrong will assume the role of President and Chief Executive Officer of Armstrong Group.

"Today's news marks a step into the future for Armstrong Group and my family, which we have been preparing for over the past several years. As of today, Tristan will be leading the day-to-day operations and long-term strategy for the company," explained Peter Armstrong. "Together with his sisters, Ashley and Chelsea, Tristan is the future of the Armstrong Group and I genuinely look forward to seeing the amazing work they will deliver together."

Since 2018, Tristan has been president of Invictus Properties, which owns, operates, and develops numerous hospitality, office and commercial real estate businesses. Prior to joining Invictus Properties in 2016 as the Director of Real Estate Development, Tristan spent more than five years at Ferrero Canada in several sales and marketing roles. He also worked in the guest experience department of Rocky Mountaineer.

Along with his two siblings, Ashley Armstrong and Chelsea Armstrong, Tristan has served on the board of directors for Rocky Mountaineer since 2016. The second generation of the Armstrong family will continue to provide strategic leadership and governance for Rocky Mountaineer through their board positions. Peter Armstrong will continue to serve on the board of directors for Rocky Mountaineer, following his retirement.

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