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Our packing tips and luggage information

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With over 30 years experience of train travel through different climates and landscapes, we wanted to share our tips on what to pack when travelling with us. From what to wear onboard the train, to our Canadian and US routes, we have lots of suggestions!

What to wear onboard the train

Dress onboard Rocky Mountaineer is casual. Here are some recommendations on what you may want to wear onboard the train:

  • Comfortable, cool layers as there are expansive windows
  • A light jacket or sweater as the air conditioning may feel just right for some, but chilly for others
  • Flat-soled shoes with grip to help keep you steady with the natural movement of the train
  • A hat and sunglasses for sunny days

What to bring onboard the train

We recommend that you bring a day pack or bag which is small enough to fit at your feet onboard the train as there is no overhead or under seat storage, and you will not have access to your checked luggage while onboard.

Day pack or bag size guidelines:

GoldLeaf Service: 16” x 11” x 8” or 40cm x 28cm x 20cm

SilverLeaf Service: 23” x 8” x 8” or 58cm x 20cm x 20cm

Things to pack in your day bag for onboard the train:

  • Medications
  • Valuables (purse, wallet, passports, jewelry)
  • Personal items (sweater, sunglasses, a book)
  • Medical machines and devices
  • Your final travel documents sent via email 30 days prior to travel and accessible through our Guest Portal
  • Electronic devices (laptop, tablet, mobile phone) and their charging cords and converter (if required)
  • Headphones
  • Extra camera batteries 

Checked luggage allowances

Your rail journey includes complimentary luggage handling between destinations. When you check-in for your rail journey at one of our Guest Centres, you will be given a Rocky Mountaineer luggage tag(s).

Important: All checked luggage must include a Rocky Mountaineer luggage tag and a personal identification tag, including full name, return address and phone number.

Rocky Mountaineer luggage allowances

Our luggage guidelines include:

  • Maximum two pieces of luggage per person
  • Total weight of luggage per person not to exceed 30kg or 60lbs, with a maximum weight per piece not more than 23kg or 50lbs
  • Oversized items may be subject to surcharge
  • All luggage is subject to Rocky Mountaineer’s luggage policy
  • Pack your fragile or breakable items in your luggage with care. Rocky Mountaineer is not responsible for any broken items.

Please note, if you booked a package there may be additional luggage restrictions due to accommodation or transportation inclusions. Refer to your travel documents for further details.

You are prohibited from carrying firearms, flammable, hazardous, illegal, or radioactive materials onboard the train or motorcoach transfers, or in your luggage. Rocky Mountaineer will not be liable for any luggage containing such materials. We reserve the right to refuse boarding or detrain guests who do not comply with our safety and security requirements. If you are travelling internationally, please refer to US Customs and Border Protection and the Canadian Border Services Agency.

Luggage handling

Please refer to your final travel documents, which will be emailed to you 30 days prior to your departure and can also be found in our Guest Portal, for specific details on luggage handling in each destination. 

If you are travelling on our First Passage to the West or Journey through the Clouds rail routes and will be travelling with additional pieces of checked luggage that you will not require while staying overnight in Kamloops, as an added convenience, we would be happy to direct extra checked luggage pieces straight through to your final location at the end of day two of your journey. Note, this luggage will not be accessible until you complete your train journey so, please pack accordingly. This service is optional and can be arranged while checking-in at one of our Guest Centres.


Suggested packing lists and weather information for our routes

To help you pack for your adventure of a lifetime, we've put together some suggestions on what to pack for your Canadian or American Southwest journey. Click the drop downs below to view our suggested packing lists.