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Internet Standard Policy

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Rocky Mountaineer/GCRC is pleased to support agents who wish to sell Rocky Mountaineer products utilizing our brand positioning and images. However, we have criteria, similar to those used by other major tour operators, that must be followed.

GCRC holds registered trademarks and stringently protects them for: Great Canadian Railtour Company, Rocky Mountaineer, Rocky Mountaineer Railtours, Rocky Mountaineer Vacations, GoldLeaf Service, SilverLeaf Service, Coastal Passage, Journey through the Clouds, First Passage to the West, and Rainforest to Gold Rush.


Website Content

Distribution partners may not copy the look and feel of our site and may not create the impression from the appearance of the website, or from any content in the website, that their website is our website or a part of it. They are not allowed to take the content in its exact form and publish to their website.

The design and content of the RM website is owned and copyrighted by GCRC and no part may be "mirrored" or copied for inclusion in an alternate website or domain without prior consent of RM and GCRC. Rocky Mountaineer is most concerned that the design and copy of an agency website reflect the fact that the agency is selling RM tours, and is not the operator. We ask that your presentation of RM clearly reflects this.

The "Rocky Mountaineer" (RM) logo cannot be used on any page that does not also contain your agency logo. Additional criteria for content usage specifies the following:

  • The RM logo has to be smaller in size than your agency's logo.
  • The RM logo cannot exceed 200 pixels in width or 100 pixels in height.
  • The RM logo cannot be altered.
  • The words Rocky Mountaineer cannot be used in any page title tag that does not also contain the name of your agency.
  • All links to the RM web site should read: ''Rocky Mountaineer" and link to
  • Downloaded images should only be reduced in size, not enlarged or modified in any other fashion.


All images must be identified or related to the selling or promotion of RM, not rail travel in general. All images, artwork and maps offered are owned and copyrighted by RM and GCRC and may not be used without the express permission of RM and GCRC.



  • GCRC prohibits the use of copyrighted text, content, graphics, video clips, still photographs and other materials (“Content”) from (i) any GCRC website, (ii) any other website owned, operated, licensed or controlled by GCRC, or (iii) or any other website that contains the copyrighted material of GCRC (the “Sites”) without GCRC’s prior written consent.
  • If you wish to use any material from the Sites, you may do so if GCRC grants you written permission subject to any condition that GCRC may in its sole discretion impose on you, or your use.
  • Permission is granted on a case-by-case basis. GCRC does not allow the reposting of any of its Content, except pursuant to a specific separate agreement.
  • Our Corporate Standards page outlines GCRC’s “Corporate Standard Guidelines” and requirements for using GCRC’s copyrighted material.
  • You may use the GCRC Trademarks (as defined below) solely in accordance with the Corporate Standards Guidelines.
  • All Content on all Sites is protected by Canadian copyright and international treaties and may not be copied without the express prior written permission of GCRC, which reserves all rights, including the right to deny a request for copying content of the Sites. Use of any Content online for any purpose without written permission is strictly prohibited.
  • Copying or adapting the HTML, or any part thereof that creates the Sites pages is strictly prohibited. The HTML code also is covered by GCRC’s copyright.
  • “Mirroring”, “caching”, “deep linking” or “framing” of the Sites or other similar techniques that, directly or indirectly, use or attempt to use the Sites is strictly forbidden.


Trademark Usage

  • You may only use a GCRC name, marks, trade names, or trademark, whether registered or unregistered, or other logos of GCRC (“Mark”) with the prior express written permission of GCRC, which will be subject to the following terms and conditions, in addition to any other terms and conditions that GCRC deems advisable, in its sole discretion.
  • GCRC reserves the right, at any time, to revoke any license granted to you to use any Mark, without cost, charge or liability.
  • You may only use a Mark in accordance with the Corporate Standards Guidelines.
  • Each Mark may only be used in association with the services or wares that GCRC designates in writing to you.
  • When directed by GCRC, you will use the registered trademark symbol ® or the trademark symbol ™, as required.
  • Each Mark may be used only under a written license from GCRC and any and all unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.
  • When using a Mark, never intentionally vary the spelling, add or delete hyphens, make one word two, or use a possessive or plural form of the Mark. GCRC word Marks must always be used as adjectives followed by a generic term (such as “software” or “system”), and never as nouns or verbs.
  • GCRC is the owner of all right, title, and interest in the Marks and you agree that you will not during the term of any agreement with GCRC or afterward, challenge the validity of GCRC’s ownership of the Marks. You shall not reproduce or use (or authorize the reproduction or use of) the Marks in any manner other than expressly authorized by GCRC.
  • GCRC may from time to time modify the Marks. GCRC will use commercially reasonable efforts to give you advance notice of such modifications. You will be obligated to make changes to the Marks and their use immediately upon direction from GCRC, including, but not limited to, immediately ceasing all use of any Mark.
  • In order to assure compliance, you will, upon request from GCRC, provide samples of any marketing and advertising materials that include the Marks.
  • In any place where they appear together, the Marks and any associated text must be at least as large as the trademark and text of another vendor.


Search Engine Marketing (“SEM”) Requirements and Guidelines

These SEM requirements and guidelines apply to web sites and web pages under the direct or indirect control of trade partners (including Travel Agents who work for a travel agency).

  • Meta Data and Title Tags : A trade partner website may not present itself as an "official Rocky Mountaineer website" or create a false impression that it is affiliated with Rocky Mountaineer. Unless authorized they may not present themselves as preferred, sponsored or endorsed by Rocky Mountaineer by means of keywords anywhere in the meta data or title tags.
  • Deceptive Redirects (Cloaking): A trade partner web site may not present one type of page content to the search engines to achieve rankings on a Rocky Mountaineer-related search, but redirect users to another page that contains different or unrelated content or content that does not comply with this Policy.
  • Hidden or Invisible Text: Trade partner websites may not place text containing Rocky Mountaineer Property or anything substantially similar to Rocky Mountaineers’ Property (including Typos) on a page that is the same color as the background, or otherwise hide text containing Rocky Mountaineer’s Property, including by using anything substantially similar as alternative text for images or in the html tag, causing it to be hidden from the viewer, but not from search engine spiders, except as otherwise expressly permitted by this Policy.


Paid Search Requirements and Guidelines

These Paid Search Requirements and Guidelines apply to our partners direct or indirect use of paid search advertising.

Keyword Policy

  • Bidding on Brand Keywords: Our trade partners may not bid on Rocky Mountaineer’s Trademark terms, Brand terms, or Typos, whether alone or in conjunction with other terms.
  • Bidding on Generic Keywords: When bidding on Generic keywords, our trade partners must ensure their ads do not appear/match to consumer searches for Rocky Mountaineer’s Trademark terms, Brand terms, or Typos by implementing Rocky Mountaineer’s Negative Keyword Policy.
  • Negative Keyword Policy & Process: All authorized trade partners for all new and existing SEM campaigns must implement all Rocky Mountaineer brand terms as Exact and Phrase match to be in compliance with Rocky Mountaineer’s Guidelines.


Ad Copy Policy

  • A trade partner may not include Rocky Mountaineer’s Trademark terms, Brand terms, or Typos, in any Paid Search ads unless authorized by Rocky Mountaineer, and are subject to the requirements and restrictions set forth in this Policy. Pre-authorization may be given to authorized trade partners when live with coop marketing campaigns.
  • Trade partners may only use Rocky Mountaineer’s Property in the ad text of an ad triggered by Paid Search if the ad creative is approved by Rocky Mountaineer under the coop marketing umbrella and meets the following stipulations;
    1. Rocky Mountaineer is not included in the search terms purchased by the authorized trade partner;
    2. The trade partner’s ad redirects to a landing page that is incompliance with this Policy and does not violate any law, regulation, or rights of another party
    3. The trade partner’s landing page (other than any search or site navigation features) is dedicated exclusively to the marketing of Rocky Mountaineer and does not have any references or links to other vacation opportunities, unless authorized by Rocky Mountaineer.
    4. Additionally, the trade partner may not use typos in the ad text of an ad triggered by Paid Search.