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Three Seasons to Travel

We travel through some of the most breathtaking scenery of the Canadian Rockies and the American Southwest from April to October – and each season has something unique to offer. This means, you can experience the distinct landscapes, cities, and climates of on each of our four rail routes under very different conditions, each incredible in their own different way. Read more about our travel seasons below. 



Spring is great time to travel with landscapes awakening after a long winter. You can enjoy a quieter visit with fewer crowds this time of year. 

Canadian Rockies
As winter relinquishes its hold and the wilderness comes to life, streams and waterfalls swell, bears lumber from hibernation, and flowers start to bloom. This is one of the best times to join us.

American Southwest
As the snow melts, the landscape starts blooming, and an explosion of wildflowers lights up the spectacular vistas. Discover majestic wildlife enjoying long sunny days.



Experience some of the best weather with sunny, longer days as you travel through the Canadian Rockies and the American Southwest during the summer.

Canadian Rockies
Warm weather urges vegetation to flourish. Baby animals emerge under their parents’ watchful eyes as the days grow longer and the rainforest is at its most lush.

American Southwest
Enjoy low humidity and hot, sun-filled days flowing into comfortable evenings. Elk, pronghorn antelope, eagles, and other majestic creatures enjoy the full rivers and lush meadows.



Enjoy a more tranquil getaway as crowds begin to quiet down before the winter. Travel through landscapes that showcase fall at its best. 

Canadian Rockies
The forests create a vibrant display of red, orange, and gold, mixed with evergreen. Snow dusts the mountain peaks and animals forage through the wilderness. You may even catch a glimpse of a bear near the rivers that run alongside our tracks during the annual salmon run. 

 American Southwest
Watch as aspen and oak trees add hues of red, yellow, and orange to the green slopes of the alpine mountains. The days are still warm and cool quickly in the evenings.