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The Luxury of Time: Autumn Travel on Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer runs each year from April to October, travelling across three seasons, each of which offers its own distinct delights. From blossoming flowers to lush greenery, there’s much to enjoy about travelling in spring and summer.  

And then there’s autumn, with its enchanting woodlands and cool crisp air. What does fall bring to the table? 

Forward into Fall

A fall journey begins much like any other season — a gentle lurch, the cheerful voice of your onboard Host, the smiles and waves of the station staff seeing you off. You settle back and relax. The train picks up speed. And you’re on your way. 

It is as the journey unfolds that autumn makes its presence known. It is subtle at first — a single red leaf in a sea of green, a patch of yellowing grass, that slight chill when you step out into the vestibule.  

Then, as the train makes its way through rolling fields and farms, as it climbs massive mountain ranges while passing historic towns and iconic landmarks, fall hits in full force.  

Sunlight streams through a woodland canopy whose leaves have turned an astonishing array of bright orange, deep red, and almost golden yellow. Mighty rivers flow alongside your train, their water levels having risen and fallen as the seasons passed.  

The still-gentle wind that blows through is crisp enough to be comfortable, but cool enough that you and your travelling companions slip on your stylish sweaters and jackets. The breeze carries with it that spicy woodland scent that still lingers as you later settle back into your heated, leather-covered seats. 

And, speaking of spice, mealtimes bring an abundance of sweet and savoury sensations, a hearty harvest to warm you up right down to your soul. As you dine and laugh and bond with fellow like-minded travelers from all over the world, you are served by caring hosts as good at pouring wine as they are telling epic tales of the land. 

And the wildlife! Oh, the wildlife. From ospreys and eagles soaring above the panoramic domes to the possibility of seeing bears foraging for food as they prepare to hibernate, there are always plenty of animals to look out for. 

But luxury, animals, and scenery are always present in any Rocky Mountaineer trip, regardless of the season. What makes fall different?  

A Transformative Adventure

Those who love fall do so not just because of how it differs from the other seasons; many do so because of what the season represents, because of what it inspires you to do: slow down and reflect. 

Fall is a time of change. Of transformation. It is nature inviting us to look back take stock of how far we’ve come during the year, of the journey that brought us all to this point, of everything we have accomplished and ask… what’s next?  

What lessons have we learned this year and how do we apply them to our future? What connections have we formed, and how will we strengthen them moving forward? What goals have we crossed off our list, and what’s the next hill to conquer?  

Travelling by rail has always been a slower, more contemplative affair. These are journeys that invite us to slow down and focus — on enjoying, on living, on connecting.  

And on growing.  

This is never more evident than in the fall season. As the train winds its way through ever-changing forests of red and gold, as it curves around lakes and valleys, as it journeys on under the watchful presence of the iconic Canadian Rockies that are just beginning to see snow, it invites you to ask yourself: what’s around your next bend?